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  • Raeanne Newquist

Baseball, Ballet & Baptism

A weekend filled with baseball, ballet and baptisms! All of our family came into town to witness these special events in the lives of our children. They cheered, clapped, cried, prayed, and shared in all of the joy that is family. As everyone left one by one on Sunday evening after the baptisms, Roger said, "why did everyone have to leave?" and we both choked back the tears.

The gathering of our dear friends and family to celebrate life's precious moments has been something we've done often and we've done well over the years. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate life!

As our departure date is rapidly approaching, our celebrations are filled with more and more tears. The reality is setting in that the celebrations yet to come will be done without this community present. We are so grateful for a family that loves us well and hasn't asked us, "why do you have to leave?" But instead tells us that they are proud of us for going where God is leading us and they're celebrating us all the way!

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