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  • Raeanne Newquist

Burn the Ships

We sat in the park, sweaty hot from the soccer tournament, just wanting to go home and have a cold drink after a shower. We had one more hour to kill. One more hour until our open house would be over and we could go home and be refreshed.

Our phone chimed, signaling another text coming in. Our agent was informing us that there was a whirlwind of activity in our house, so many people looking, so much interest. I leaned over to my husband, "Are we doing the right thing? Should we be selling the house rather than renting it out?"

With a lump in his throat he said, "We have to burn the ships."

In 1519, when conquistador Hernan Cortes began his conquest of the Aztec empire, legend has it that he ordered his men to burn the ships.

Throughout history, on several occasions when a general would invade by sea, he would order the ships to be burned so that retreat was not an option. No turning back. Fully committed to the mission ahead.

As my husband said regarding selling our home that we have to burn the ships, I realized that he is leading our family, fully committed to what God has called us to. There is no Plan B! We aren't going to keep a safety net "just in case..." We are burning the ships and following hard after where God is leading. No turning back.

**we are burning the ships, not burning bridges!!! We will still hold close our friends and family as we go. We need this amazing community to support us and go with us through prayer and encouragement! But we know we must trust fully in God and not rely on a back up just in case this doesn't work out!

(This post was originally written April 7. Within 24 hours, we had 6 offers on our home. I just got the final word today from our realtor that escrow has closed. No turning back!)

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