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  • Raeanne Newquist

Merry Christmas

(this is to be read in the cadence of the traditional poem

"'Twas The Night Before Christmas")

'Twas the night before Christmas and all slept like a log.

From Mom and the kids to Dad and the dog!

It’s been quite a year and everyone’s spent,

from Dakar to Spain to California we went!

Not what we planned, yet dreams did come true.

If you’re focused on loss, receiving joy isn’t easy to do.

The pandemic hit the world and forced us to decided,

to stay on the ship or return state-side.

Rog was sure God called us for such a time as this.

So we stayed and we cared, not in our strength, but His.

From British tea parties to competitive cooking in the galley,

Raeanne organized events which was right up her alley.

Roger ministered to the crew, using skills he learned with the CHP.

He debriefed, and prayed and turned around what no one thought would be...

A time of intense tears, confusion and stress,

was redeemed and restored and dare I say blessed.

The kids have been rock stars with all of the change.

They are resilient and brave through emotions that range.

Their sense of adventure and ability to adapt,

has left us all speechless and with jaws that are slacked.

This generation has been through something they never will forget.

But may God’s provision and love, in their minds be what’s set.

Even in the midst of a year when all plans have been tossed,

our God has been faithful and all is not lost.

We are not alone in the struggle, deconstruction or grief.

He is with us, among us and strengthening our belief…

That He brings beauty from ashes and joy form sorrow;

our tears may last for a night, but laughter will come tomorrow!

But yes we are tired and ready for something new.

He’s been at work on our behalf and we know He'll come through.

A new dream, vision and new calling we await.

We won’t move, but will be patient, because our God is never late.

So in California we will stay and wait for what’s right.

Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Love The Newquist Family

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