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  • Raeanne Newquist

The Mongoose & The Magnifying Glass

2 pink bikes rested outside the classroom where the kids are doing their on boarding. One was smaller and looked in fairly good condition, while the other was bigger and well worn. A staff member told us that someone left the bikes to be used and with that, Mack jumped on the bigger bike and took off! No helmet and no care about the pink sparkles! It quickly became his thing. He rode to each meal, he rode around after meals, he rode at every free moment. But within a few days, the chain kept coming off the bike and Mack started to ride the little bike but eventually gave up.

We sat at dinner with Dr. Steve and his wife. They graciously asked the children some questions to make conversation and Mack was less than enthusiastic in his responses. As we arrived back at our room after dinner, Dr. Steve asked for a word with Roger. I slipped into our room and was surprised that Roger didn't return for quite some time. Later, both Mack and Roger returned to our room, Mack holding something in his hand with a smile.

Dr. Steve had given Mack a magnifying glass and taught him how to burn leaves and twigs! Dr. Steve perceptively noticed that Mack was down and he recalled teaching his own boys how to burn things with a magnifying glass and thought that just maybe Mack would enjoy this cool hobby as well. Let's just say that Mack was more than over the moon and he's kept busy burning his initials into leaves!

A few days passed and guess what showed up outside Mack's classroom? An awesome, black, Mongoose, mountain bike just his size! Luke, a staff member of Mercy Ships, noticed Mack trying to ride the broken pink bike and said that he had a bike in his barn that he'd be happy to bring over. When not burning leaves, you'll find Mack riding the Mongoose all over the campus!

One of our concerns in this whole adventure was Mack. The girls have each other, but would Mack have a buddy? Would Mack have friends his age? Would Mack enjoy this adventure? Well, God saw our concern, and more importantly He sees our little boy and knows him. God has gone above and beyond to provide for Mack these past 3 weeks with amazing men who have seen our little boy and made him feel very special and loved. We have no doubt that God will continue to provide for Mack and bring him a great buddy on board the ship.

Our God is good and He loves to give good gifts to His kids, like a Mongoose and Magnifying Glass!

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