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  • Raeanne Newquist

White Dove on the Roof

The overwhelming idea of selling everything and moving to Africa to live on a ship for 2 years finally hit me in an old familiar way.


It's been 7 years since that giant taunted me and tried to rob me of my life. 7 years of living in healing and freedom.

Then, like a lightening bolt striking me out of a dead sleep, the giant landed a blow. Anxiety came back as well as a flood of past horrors and fears.

Far more equipped this time, I immediately turned to all that I had learned 8 years ago when the nightmare began. The first weapon in my arsenal I pulled out was prayer. A desperate text went out in the early morning hours to a few prayer warriors who walked the nightmare with me many years back.

"I see a white dove on the roof of your house. Bringing the promise of peace."

One warrior wrote back a prayer and a vision God had given her. That familiar symbol of peace - a white dove. I was blessed by her words and grateful for her prayers, but her words the next day really ministered to all of us.

"All day yesterday I could see a white dove sitting on the roof of your house. I kept asking the Lord for the meaning of this beside the representation of Peace!... I believe the dove of peace, the Holy Spirit, has come to your boat (home) just like He did with Noah and his family to say it is Safe to leave the boat and head to Africa and the ministry He has called your family into.."

When Noah and his family were in the ark through the 40 days of torrential rains, they were safe, but only as long as they remained in the shelter of God's provision and His protection. Once the rains ceased and the waters started to recede, Noah sent a dove out to see if it were safe to step out of the boat. The dove returned because there was no dry ground on which to land. Noah waited 7 more days then sent the dove out again. This time the dove returned with a fresh olive branch in its beak, a sign of new life and dry ground. Noah knew it was now safe to step out of the boat.

The white dove has come to our home to tell us it is safe to step out of "the boat," and get on board the ship to Africa!

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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